Challenge Travis

Who Is Travis Pastrana?

Motocross champion, freestyle pioneer, rally car maverick, adrenaline-junkie - it seems you would need 199 lives to accomplish all that Travis Pastrana has done by the age of 28 and live to tell about it. He has never failed to drop jaws, from his historic, first-ever double motorcycle double backflip that ranks as one of the top moments in X Games history to the sensational video of him jumping out of a plane without a parachute and countless hijinks in between.

This is a man with a backyard so crazy that he requires a waiver just to step foot in it. He never fails to amaze, and is sharing his one-of-a-kind lifestyle with millions on his TV series "Nitro Circus". This success has led Travis and his crew to take his show worldwide in the form of Nitro Circus Live.